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‘Chief Outsiders’ Part-Time CMO Firm Expands from Florida to New York; Three Executives Added to Meet Growth- and Mid-Sized Business’ Demand

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Looking to hire a marketing ‘Top Gun’ on a part-time basis? Chief Outsiders, a Houston-based company that provides executive-level Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to businesses on a part-time basis, has expanded from Florida to New York to meet market demand of growth and mid-sized companies. Joseph P. Grace, Robert J. Donaldson and Robert G. Derr, senior marketing executives and business growth leaders in the areas of health information and products, technology, analytical instrumentation, software and financial services, have joined the Chief Outsiders team.

“As Chief Outsiders CMOs, these senior marketing executives will join C-staffs of growth and mid-sized companies to grow their businesses overseeing their marketing, strategy, and implementation on a part-time basis. We’re finding that CEOs are attracted to this model, especially in today’s jobless recovery, largely because our fees are tied directly to business results,” said Chief Outsiders Principal and Founder Art Saxby.

Grace, based in the greater New York City area, is a marketing executive with experience in the health information and products industries. He has spearheaded the introduction, positioning and growth of such flagship companies as WebMD, NV Perricone Cosmeceuticals, Ebewe Pharma US – Now a Division of Novartis, and Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster, where he is credited as the genius behind Ovation/Body Solutions’ groundbreaking infomercial.

A tested global marketing leader, Atlanta-based Donaldson has taken more than 20 products from conception to market for such companies as Leica, IST and Heraeus in the areas of medical technology, optics, safety monitors, analytical instrumentation and defense. Throughout his stellar 30-year career, he has helped highly technical companies leverage their capabilities to expand into new products or markets throughout the U.S., Far East, Europe and Latin America.

Jacksonville, Florida-based Derr has led marketing initiatives for world-renowned companies. His expertise includes financial services marketing for American Express Company and First USA Bank, a leading issuer of Visa/MasterCard, and helping grow a software company that was eventually acquired by Microsoft Corporation. As a partner at Vista Financial Advisors, Derr co-led this investment management firm to growth rates that outpaced competitors. Throughout his impressive 25+ year career, he has advocated a customer centric focus through marketing programs, demand generation and corporate re-branding.

Since its founding in July 2009, Chief Outsiders has grown to include regional offices in Houston, Austin, Atlanta, New York and Jacksonville to provide part-time Chief Marketing Officers.

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