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While Susan Farb Public Relations has been retained by Bright Sky Press to work on the Houston book launch of “Just Use This Mind: Following the Essence of Zen to the Oneness of Mind, Body and Spirit,” , not all publishers have the budgets to promote their books. The PR Fairy has a tip that The New York Post business section is doing an article contrasting the way publishing companies promoted books in the ‘old days’ (media tours, public appearances, air travel, talk shows) versus the tactics self-published authors must use now (google adwords, press releases, local events, etc.). If you are a self-published author, let me know. The reporter is looking for first-person stories, anecdotes and tips on the business of getting attention in the crowded book marketplace. She is seeking current and former publicists, authors and marketing specialists.
Deadline to submit to PR Fairy: October 22, 5 PM, CST TODAY

Just comment below and PR Fairy will get you the contact info to submit.

Good luck!

Susan Farb Morris
Susan Farb Public Relations

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3 Responses to “PR Fairy Publicity Opp: Authors Marketing Themselves”

  1. Danny says:

    Thank you for sharing such great opportunities!

  2. Sheila Aron says:

    Because my book, I’M GLAD I’M ME, Weaving the Thread of Love From Generation to Generation, is a parenting book disguised as a children’s book it falls under several different genres – parenting, children and self help. My publisher, Eaking Press, Waco, Texas, has not done any publicity other than mention it on their web site, which I appreciate. I have done my own PR and marketing which has included book signings at Barnes and Nobles in Texas. My greatest pleasure comes with the organizations that I provide my book to, Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Assessment Center, Children’s Protective Services, ESCAPE Family Resource Center and ChildBuilders – each working with children who have been abused either through physical, emotional or sexual abuse. My hope is to see child abuse become a thing of the past and my book a vehicle to help make this world a better place for our children and future generations to come.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I have recently jumped off a cliff, quit my job as communications director for the American Heart Association here in Houston, and am now the publicist for my mother, Linda Gayle Thompson, and her iUniverse self-published memoir, Hookers, Midgets, and Fire Trucks: An Invitation to Our Party. It became available on last week. What are we doing to stand out? The title for one is a tad on the shocking side and that has served us well! The fact that we are a mother/daughter duo has garnered some attention. We created a YouTube book trailer ( on a shoestring budget and we immediately started a Facebook fan page, Web site and created a press kit way before the book was in final edits. I would kiss your feet for connecting us to the reporter at the New York Post! Would love to share how we’re trying to help folks by sharing the crazy story of a woman, a family, that has used laughter to get through the bad stuff, the really bad stuff. Thanks for anything you’re willing to push along!

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