Making Jay Leno’s Headlines – Again!

Sometimes you just can’t resist. You see a typo that somehow got through the reporter and editor’s eagle eyes or the art director’s painstaking review. The error may go unreported. But if the oversight turns the story or ad into something really funny, then it’s the ideal fodder for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’s” Headlines.

Last year, I submitted a wedding announcement that I was too cute to pass up. Some of my Facebook followers may remember this particular couple as the perfect Texas blend: the Yee-Ha wedding.

My latest submission actually came by way of an ad for Oreck Vacuum Cleaners. How this ad got approved by the client is beyond me, especially with Mr. Oreck’s photo in the ad as well. He must have seen it, don’t you think? The photograph of the woman holding the vacuum cleaner had her head cropped off to make room for the headline, “Yes, Forever!” The sub-head read, “Last vacuum you may ever buy.” I took my yellow highlighter, circled the headline and added my own caption. “Yeah — since you’re headless!” or something to that effect.

Well, on Monday, September 26 Jay Leno brought up the ad I submitted and deadpanned, “Don’t lose your head over this vacuum.”

If you saw the show and remember the headline, let me know. If you know who handles the advertising for Oreck Vacuums, let me know, too.

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Susan Farb Morris
Susan Farb Public Relations/The PR Fairy
Bellaire, Texas

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