Free Spring Book Reading & Book Signing with Author Joe Sutton, “Wanda and the Oblahlahs” at Barnes & Noble River Oaks

Joe Sutton will sign his children's book, "Wanda and the Oblahlahs" this Sunday, April 29, noon, as part of the St. Anne Catholic School Book Fair.  The reading and signing will be at Barnes & Noble River Oaks, 2030 West Gray.  For info, call 713-522-8538.
WHO: Houston-based Joe Sutton is a successful downtown energy executive who published a children’s book, “Wanda and the Oblahlahs,” (Bright Sky Press) based on a story the dreamed up for his children and has been stored away in the attic for 35 years. The resourceful father, then a U.S. Army Colonel, realized an effective way to get his message across to his children was to tell the girls stories with carefully disguised lessons.

WHEN: Meet Joe Sutton Sunday, April 29, 12 P.M. (Noon) for a “Wanda and the Oblahlahs” Reading and Book Signing – Barnes & Noble River Oaks, 2030 West Gray St., Houston 77019 (713) 522-8571 The FREE reading and book signing will be held as part of St. Anne Catholic School Book Fair.

WHAT: Meet Wanda. She loves chewing gum. She chews gum all day long: while she plays with her dog Moldy and her little brother Rocky, while she’s singing, even during school. And that’s okay with her mother, as long as it’s sugarless gum. Wanda’s parents have one rule about all this gum chewing: every night before she goes to bed, Wanda has to deposit her gum right in the trashcan. But what happens when Wanda’s parents go out to dinner and the babysitter doesn’t know the rule? Sometimes even the best child tries to push the envelope. And sometimes the consequences are surprising. When Wanda goes to sleep with gum in her mouth, the Oblahlahs move in. These colorful little creatures throw such a party in her mouth that she can’t chew gum any more. In fact, she can’t even talk. Her parents can’t help, Rocky and Moldy can’t help, even the doctor is at a loss. It’s all up to her. As Wanda lies in bed trying to rid herself of the pesky Oblahlahs, following the rules starts to seem like a much better idea than it ever has before.

WHY: 1) To remind readers of the power of shared stories to create strong families; &

2) To help support children who may not have loving families to share stories with them, Sutton will donate the proceeds of book sales to Children at Risk to support programs to combat child trafficking. A percentage of the sales that day will go to St. Anne Catholic School as well.

Parent/Child Bonding: Wanda’s misadventures turned story time into a beloved family tradition. The character Sutton dreamed up personified the young girl who did everything she shouldn’t, including chewing her gum all day and night. Sutton’s tales of encounters with the colorful Oblahlahs always made doing the right thing seem like the best choice for his daughters.

History: To Megan’s delight, three years ago she came across the vintage Wanda stories with their original illustrations by her Aunt Jane, a fine artist. They were in her parents’ attic, in tact after the family’s 23 moves. With Megan’s encouragement, her father has published “Wanda and the Oblahlahs” to bring the age-old story back to life for the next generation, including Joe’s five grandchildren. The book will appeal to parents and grandparents who will find that Wanda’s antics do more to illustrate the importance of minding than any amount of parental nagging.

“My father was blessed with the gift of story telling and as far back as I can remember he always put us to bed with a story or two,” said Megan. “I also recall a small tray beside my bed that I would put my gum in before I went to sleep. I didn’t want to get the ‘Oblahlahs!’” # # #


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