Want to Be Buried at Sea and Not Make Waves? Distinctive Life Funeral Homes to the Rescue at Houston Boat Show

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Life Funeral Homes will host a distinctive, memory-creating booth (#8608 and 8610) at the 2014 Houston Boat Show Jan. 3-12 at Reliant CenterDistinctive Life Funeral Homes Founder Jeff Friedman displays an urn for scattering a loved one's ashes at sea., exhibiting both disintegrating urns for scattering ashes at sea and nautical urns for keeping “ashore.” Distinctive Life Funeral Director Jeff Friedman is available for interview pre- or at the Houston Boat Show to discuss Houston celebration of life trends and some unique stories from his more than 22 years experience as a funeral director. To secure Houston Boat Show media credentials for interviews with Mr. Friedman, please contact Susan Farb Morris.

Media Contact:
Susan Farb Morris Cell: (713) 805-2608

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Leah Delagarza, Distinctive Life
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HOUSTON – Dec. 16, 2013 . . . A locally owned and operated cremation and funeral services company is helping spread the word — and more – when it comes to the national trend of choosing cremation over traditional burial when deciding on one’s final resting place. According to Houston-based Funeral Director Jeff Friedman, founder of Distinctive Life Funeral Homes, industry projections are on course for one out of two Americans to seek cremation over traditional burial by 2017.

According to Friedman, a past president of the Houston Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association, approximately 42 percent of Americans opt for cremation today, versus 15 percent 20 years ago

“Baby Boomers are all about celebrating life, leaving a smaller footprint and getting customized service. We totally reflect that in our philosophy and practice – doing a total reversal to today’s more standardized corporation-driven funeral industry,” says Distinctive Life’s Friedman. “We customize farewells and celebrations of life in many different settings, with frequent requests being scattering loved ones’ ashes at sea.”

As a funeral services company that celebrates life and lives well lived, Distinctive Life avails its education and community outreach services in non-traditional venues as well, such as the Houston Boat Show. “Boat lovers are fascinated by the idea of having their ashes scattered at sea, but just hadn’t planned ahead to make that happen,” Friedman said.

At the Houston Boat Show, Distinctive Life will exhibit its large seashell and the circle shaped urns that are used at sea. These urns are filled with the loved one’s cremated remains and sealed by the funeral directors, then given to the family. When placed in the water the urns float for a few minutes before slowly sinking to the bottom of the water where they slowly disintegrate. They float long enough for the family to say their parting words and place flowers in the water.

The artistic glass urn is an example of the variety of urns that are designed more like pieces of art. A small amount of the remains are placed at the bottom and this urn can be displayed anywhere and are understated.

Distinctive Life Funeral Homes Founder Jeff Friedman has applied his knowledge and expertise from over the past 22 years in the funeral business to effectively grow within a changing industry. Today, a majority of families are choosing to celebrate the life of their loved one at either the place of worship, or other meaningful places, other than funeral homes. Distinctive Life’s concept is focused on delivering the highest standards of customer service while maintaining a low overhead, thus saving the families thousands of dollars. Their goal is to acknowledge the life lived; the love shared and allows the loved ones to create a meaningful service at an affordable price.

For further information, contact Distinctive Life at www.distinctivelife.com or call (713) 585-3535.

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