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PR Fairy in Action: “Gifts That Give Back” on KHOU/CBS “Great Day Houston”

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

The PR Fairy was working overtime on this one.

I pitched CBS KHOU-TV’s “Great Day Houston” on a story about “Gifts That Give Back,” highlighting, of course, my client’s children’s book, “Wanda and the Oblahlahs.” Proceeds of all the sales of the Houston-based children’s book benefit Children At Risk in their efforts to combat child trafficking in our society.

The producer loved the idea for the show, but said she needed other items to show on Deborah Duncan’s Houston-based talk show. That’s when the PR Fairy went into overdrive.

I turned to Facebook and posted my need to find other gifts with a social conscience. I received a myriad of responses, including from the publisher of Bright Sky Press, who said they had several more books in addition to “Wanda and the Oblahlahs” that benefited nonprofit organizations. Sun & Ski Sports, a Houston-based company that I worked with this summer on a TOMS Shoes Back-to-School promotion, noted that they were selling Blue Cure Foundation T-shirts benefiting a prostate cancer education organization founded by Gabe Canales.

My next move was to contact the M.D. Anderson Children’s Art Project to see if they could provide an array of gift items that benefit pediatric cancer patients and projects at the famed Cancer Center. I also asked Sun & Ski if they could provide TOMS Shoes, TOMS sunglasses and a Sun & Ski spokesperson to talk about TOMS One-for-One initiative on the air.

It took dozens of phone calls, emails and follow-up phone calls and emails to the “Great Day Houston” producer and the various representatives of the participating entities: Bright Sky Press, Children At Risk, Sun & Ski Sports, Blue Cure Foundation and M.D. Anderson Children’s Art Project "Gifts That Give Back on CBS KHOU-TV's "Great Day Houston"to make it happen. In the end, each spokesperson was so well-versed in his or her socially-conscious products; it made for great TV. “Wanda and the Oblahlahs” got its due mentions, plus the appearance of the life-size cut-out of Wanda on camera — as did the other groups represented.

It was a win-win for all. I hope that you’ll watch the segment to see how seamlessly it all came together.

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PR Fairy Publicity Opp: Authors Marketing Themselves

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

While Susan Farb Public Relations has been retained by Bright Sky Press to work on the Houston book launch of “Just Use This Mind: Following the Essence of Zen to the Oneness of Mind, Body and Spirit,” , not all publishers have the budgets to promote their books. The PR Fairy has a tip that The New York Post business section is doing an article contrasting the way publishing companies promoted books in the ‘old days’ (media tours, public appearances, air travel, talk shows) versus the tactics self-published authors must use now (google adwords, press releases, local events, etc.). If you are a self-published author, let me know. The reporter is looking for first-person stories, anecdotes and tips on the business of getting attention in the crowded book marketplace. She is seeking current and former publicists, authors and marketing specialists.
Deadline to submit to PR Fairy: October 22, 5 PM, CST TODAY

Just comment below and PR Fairy will get you the contact info to submit.

Good luck!

Susan Farb Morris
Susan Farb Public Relations

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