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How my PR/Marketing Job Posts on Facebook Almost Launched a New Career

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

SF:PR - Top Workplace - Wooty SixelSocial media blossom as sources of job openings and career advice

Susan Farb Morris has nearly 4,000 friends on Facebook and she did not get them by sharing pictures of cats. (Joe Robbins Photography)

Back in October, Houston Chronicle business reporter Wooty Sixel called to see if I used social media to seek out new hires. She was writing a story for the newspaper’s “Top Workplaces in Houston” Special Section and was looking for resources who utilize social media for their job postings. I chuckled to myself since I don’t have any employees. However, instead of letting the opportunity go by the wayside, I told her that I use my social media platforms to post jobs and internships in the marketing, communications and special events fields. Once I told her that I often had individuals and organizations — including media outlets — contacting me to see if I would post their job openings, I had her attention. The next thing I know, I’m doing an interview with her.

Wooty’s story came out on a Sunday in the print edition, but was posted a few days earlier online. I waited until Monday to post the article on my Facebook page. To my dismay, the response from my Facebook friends was phenomenal. Not only did dozens upon dozens of people comment to thank me for posting job opps, (and one person who credits me for her job at the University of Houston because she learned about it through my Facebook post), but many congratulated me on the great article. You would have thought I’d won an award I was getting so many kudos.

The fact is, more than 550 people clicked through to the link. Some who read it sent me private messages on Facebook asking for job advice. College graduates and young professionals wanted to have coffee with me. All of a sudden I was the PR Job Fairy!

While I don’t know how many subscribers read the print article in the Sunday edition, I do know from Sixel how successful it was in its online iteration. I ran into her over the Christmas holidays and she was thrilled to report that more than 10,000 readers clicked onto the story’s link. Sixel said that was huge for one of her pieces and felt my social media platform contributed to the story’s success.

I continue to post jobs on my social media platforms, but please know, this is my avocation to try to connect people in their job searches. I remain The PR Fairy.

To read the full story, go to:

Planning to go gray gracefully? National TV show wants you!

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Color Me Gray e-book -

Color Me Gray e-book -

There still aren’t too many of us around, ‘us’ being those who go gray and don’t color it.

As a result, I’ve been featured in some “Going Gray Gracefully” stories. It started in 2008 with fashion writer @Joy Sewing of the Houston Chronicle, who included me in such an article about Houston women, followed by a guest shot with @Deborah Duncan on “Great Day Houston.” The next thing I knew, I was invited to participate in an e-book called, “Color Me Gray,” that features 20 women around the country who are gray-haired and proud of it.

Now it’s time to pass the comb, if you will, on to women who are just starting to go gray and deciding not to color it. Houston Public Relations pro The PR Fairy (me!) has learned that a national TV show (they prefer to stay anonymous for this posting) is filming a segment on going naturally next Tuesday, Oct. 25, 10 am at Natural Resources Salon, 5313 Morningside Drive in Houston. The producers are seeking a Caucasian, Asian or Indian woman (diversity is needed and they already have one black woman and one Latin woman booked) who is going gray for the first time. Their goal is to demonstrate on camera different ways to go gray naturally. A stylist will either cut their hair and style it, color the entire hair a nice, natural-looking gray, or just create a fresh style.

Let me know if you fit this description, or if you know anyone else who does and I’ll pass your info on to Medley Inc.’s @Ashley Small, who’s putting the TV segment together.

Deadline: ASAP (of course!)


Susan Farb Morris/The PR Fairy
Susan Farb Public Relations

The Power of Publicity in New Business Launch

Monday, October 4th, 2010

For years I’ve informed clients and prospective clients about the power of the editorial word. It’s one thing to take out an ad, I’ve said, where everybody knows you’ve paid to say how great your product or service is. It’s another thing to secure a byline article or an interview, where a third party gives an endorsement, if you will. The power of publicity couldn’t be more evident than in the recent new business launch of Carol Meyer’s Inspiring Movement Gyrotonics studio in Katy, Texas, handled by my Houston public relations firm, Susan Farb Public Relations.

As principal of my Houston-based firm, I use my journalism skills when interviewing a client. I dig deeper to unearth the newsworthy aspects of a client’s story, define it and communicate it — in writing and in a verbal pitch. In the case of Carol Meyer, the release wasn’t just announcing her new Gyrotonic studio in Katy, but to share Meyer’s compelling story of her years as a ballet dancer suffering with chronic back pain. The article describes in detail how Gyrotonic turned Meyer’s life around and how, as a certified Gyrotonic instructor, she wanted to help others do the same. I drafted a feature article that generated interest from two major area publications to write full-length bylined articles about Meyer’s new business, one in the Houston Chronicle Ultimate Memorial section and another in Katy Lifestyles & Homes Magazine – October issue, as well as several online placements in Katy-area e-zines that further optimized Carol Meyer’s business on the Internet.

After the first article appeared, which was in the Houston Chronicle (Sunday edition), my Houston public relations firm received the following e-mail from a very appreciative client, Carol Meyer:

“Susan, I cannot begin to thank you enough for the encouragement you have given to me and the media coverage that has catapulted my business off to a booming beginning. I had no idea that the news release would have such impact! My company, Inspiring Movement, is up and running…almost literally! The day that the article ran in the Ultimate Memorial newspaper I had 29 calls and after that about 20 more. In just three weeks, I have established a client base of 18, many purchasing packages of lessons and joining my group class at Memorial Drive Methodist Church as well. I am still receiving calls and getting emails from the memorial area. I am extremely excited about the upcoming article that will be featured in the October issue of Katy Lifestyles and Homes magazine. This time I will be prepared for a flood of phone calls!

Every day I wake up excited to share this unique methodology knowing with confidence that whoever experiences it will leave feeling better. There is merit and reward in serving those in need, and I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity that you have made possible. Thank you, my friend!”

Now that’s the power of publicity.

How a May ‘10 college graduate gets interviewed by Houston Chronicle and

Monday, September 20th, 2010

When a client adds a new employee to the firm, the standard operating procedure for the public relations consultant is to draft and send a one-page news release announcing the individual’s position with the company. You ask for his or her resume, do a quick phone interview, draft the release announcing the person’s title, responsibilities, most recent job and even their educational background. You secure a professional head shot (high-resolution jpg.) and you’re ready to roll. You post it online, distribute it to the targeted business media, local community newspapers and you’re done.

However, as the PR Fairy, I like to dig deeper to find the bigger story. One such case is the May ‘10 Texas A&M Finance Graduate Katie Sparkman, who was recently hired on as community manager of the Firethorne Homeowners Association. Katie who had worked for my client, Firethorne, a master-designed residential community in Katy/Fulshear, since she was a junior in high school. During summers and after school she served as a Firethorne Guide in the Firethorne Visitor Center and demonstrated such a great work ethic, that she was given more and more responsibilities as she progressed over the years and transitioned from high school to college. Her diligence paid off when, upon her college graduation this May, Firethorne offered her the position of Community Manager of the Firethorne Homeowners Association. The community is composed of 1,000 homeowners and is growing by leaps and bounds.

In addition to preparing the above-mentioned standard news release, which was picked up by the local business papers and Katy community magazines, the PR Fairy (Susan Farb Public Relations) pitched the Houston Chronicle “Working” columnist Wooty Sixel about doing a column on people who turn high school jobs into careers. And when the PR Fairy learned that was working on a story on where finance majors are finding jobs now that Wall Street positions have dried up, Katie Sparkman’s story at Firethorne was a natural fit.

Here’s a newly minted college graduate who’s already been featured on the cover of the Houston Chronicle business section as well as on a major business publication’s website.

Susan Farb Morris, aka, The PR Fairy, was trained as a journalist and is alway seeking out the details of the story to help determine what’s really newsworthy about a person, product or company — that’s the culture of Susan Farb Public Relations.

How farbulous!

A tribute to my first PR mentor

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Susan Farb began her PR agency career at A.R. Busse & Associates (1979-1985)

Susan Farb began her PR agency career at A.R. Busse & Associates (1979-1985)

I remember first hearing about Houston public relations firm A.R. Busse & Associates when I was in college studying public relations at the University of Texas. How great, I thought, to work for Al Busse, agency president, and be taken under his wing. He was at the top of his game in the Houston PR business.

Two years later I met Al Busse through my job as Houston-based program director/community relations for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. CFF hired A.R. Busse to produce the Dave Williams Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament & Banquet; I was handling the publicity in-house (Al edited my news releases and I felt like I was back in college!) In any case, he later offered me a job as an assistant account executive. I attended client meetings with him and tried to absorb everything I could. Ideas flowed, or should I say, erupted from this man. He was immensely creative in his public relations plans and execution.

Al Busse introduced me to the hospitality and retail industries where I thrived on such public relations opportunities as planning and executing grand openings and ongoing media relations and promotions for the likes of The Lancaster Hotel, Adam’s Mark Hotel and Marriott’s Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Charley’s 517 restaurant, the exclusive Boccaccio night club, OPTIKA eyewear boutique and legendary sporting outfitter Abercrombie & Fitch, among others. The opportunities were so incredible — doing Houston media tours with opera star Placido Domingo, international fashion model Christina Ferrari; 30th Anniversary of McDonald’s in the Houston market; Texas Children’s Hospital doctors who treated the famed David, “The Bubble Boy” and British butler to royalty Ivor Spencer, to name a few stand-outs.

Al Busse was the mastermind to bring a “live” celebrity radio talk show back to Houston in a night club setting. Pierre’s at Adam’s Mark became the home of “Maxine at the Mark” starring the illustrious Houston Chronicle columnist Maxine Mesinger. And who would be the producer of the show? Yours truly, at age 25. What a coup for a Houston PR account exec to have regular chats with Maxine several times a week, if not per day, to line up guests. What a tremendous experience!

Houston media relations was a lot different then with two daily newspapers, radio stations that each had their own news directors and a bevy of TV talk shows to pitch, including “Good Morning, Houston,” “Warner Roberts Show”, “This Day with Katherine,” and “Marijane Vandivier.” Working with Al Busse, I learned to dig deep in the client research process and develop story angles that are timely and informative, tools of the trade that are as critical (Al’s favorite word!) today as ever.

Al Busse, the quintessential communicator and PR pro, died last month, just a few days shy of his 83rd birthday. He was quite a force on the Houston public relations scene, serving as a mentor to me, and to many public relations pros who went on to start their own Houston public relations firms. I worked at A.R. Busse & Associates for five years before hanging up my own shingle. I’m forever grateful to him.

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